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live kratom plants

live kratom plants

       live kratom plants for sale with unique genetics!

     Mitragyna speciosa plants comes in a variety of different phenotypes. A plants phenotype is the physical expression of the plants characteristics based on its genetics. For example, our Indonesian kratom clones produce mostly deep crimson red veins while the Bumblebee clone from Vietnam will produce primarily green veins. Or take our Malay kratom for instance who produces some stunningly crisp and clean spear shaped leaves not found in most kratom trees.  The diverse variety of kratom that is offered up at bounty botanicals is unrivaled by top competitors with prices that are hard to beat! 

click-buy-indonesian-kratom-plants.jpg click-buy-bumblebee-kratom-plants.jpg

    Here at Bounty Botanicals our well rooted kratom clones are healthy, strong, and grown outside of tropical settings allowing for a smooth and stress free transition from our garden to yours! Yes, you heard right! Grown outside of tropical settings! Kratom trees do not require a high humidity growing environment to thrive and growing your own kratom is easier than you think! The bounty botanicals garden is located in the Arizona desert where we have the second driest air in the united states blowing the myth that kratom needs high humidity to grow out of the water! 


  All the kratom clones that we sell come from highly desirable and mature trees sourced from different locations in southeast Asia. When you buy kratom plant clones you are actually getting a piece of the mature tree that the clone originally came from; an actual extension of that same plant!

This means that your kratom clone will be the same age as the plant it came from and mature enough to start harvesting leaves once they grow in! Although, we do offer some kratom seedlings as well if you're into that sort of thing :)