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 Buy kratom plants (Mitragyna speciosa)

Buy kratom plants (Mitragyna speciosa)

Why buy kratom plants from Bounty botanicals?

 Unique phenotypes

  Use of the phrase "kratom strain" is a bit misleading as there is no such thing, but kratom does come in a variety of different phenotypes. A plants phenotype is its genetic attributes that can physically be observed. For example, our Indonesian kratom clones produce mostly deep crimson red veins while the Vietnam Bumblebee clone produces primarily green veins. Or, take our Malay(short for Malaysia) for instance. It is crisp, clean, and perky in appearance giving it an almost too perfect artificial look. The array of kratom phenotypes offered up by Bounty botanicals is unmatched by top competitors.


  Grown to be tough 

 When buying live kratom plants its important to start with strong and healthy specimens . Here at Bounty Botanicals our well rooted kratom clones are grown outside of tropical settings allowing for a smoother and less stressful transition from our garden to yours! Yes, you heard right! Grown outside of tropical settings! This conditions the plants to be able to withstand lower humidity and drought much better than a specimen that has been babied. Kratom trees do not need swampy high humidity to grow...or even thrive like many think! The Bounty botanicals garden is in the heart of Arizona where we have some of the driest air in the united states! This crushes the myth that Mitragyna speciosa needs high humidity to grow right out of the water!  

Matured clones ready to harvest 

 There Are two categories of live kratom plants for sale online. There's kratom grown from seed and then there's clones. A clones genetics, seen or not, hold true to the mother plant it originally came from...including its maturity. A seed grown plant on the other hand can display different characteristics from its mother and even its siblings making this choice more of a crap shoot, but You can end up with something really special.

 Seed grown kratom would be preferable for someone who is searching for new and unique genetics. Kratom clones on the other hand are propagated because they were found to be desirable and worthy of propagation. This making them a good choice for those who simply want to know they are receiving kratom plants that are high quality.

    All the clones that we sell come from high quality mitragyna speciosa trees sourced from different parts of Southeast Asia. When you buy kratom clones it is literally a part of the mature kratom plant that the cutting came from initially; an extension of that exact plant!

 This means that your kratom clone will be just as mature as the plant it originally came from and old enough to start harvesting leaves!


Great prices

   We have some of the best prices around! Don't let the low price tags fool you. What you're getting is top notch plants that are healthy, well rooted, and strong! Nothing but the best!

 Live plant arrival guarantee

  If any plants you order from bounty botanicals arrive in bad shape, simply take a pic and send it to within 2 days of arrival for a replacement. We believe greatly in providing quality specimens only! 

What is kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is an actual tall tree capable of growing to great highs.... around 100 feet! Kratom is primarily found in Southeast Asia and is used for its pain killing as well as its energy boosting properties. The main alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine act on the mu-opioid receptors creating an analgesic effect, but unlike traditional opiates there is very little to no respiratory depression. 

   The leaves, either dry or fresh, are chewed, ingested, or brewed into a tea to help ease aches and increase productivity in much the same way as coffee or tea. 


Why grow kratom?


    Why does bounty not offer maeng da kratom or use vein colors in the kratom plants names?

At Bounty botanicals we dont like to spread misinformation and in the spirit of that our specimens are named after the locations in which they were found or are named clones. There is no dedicated clone(as far as I know) or type of kratom named "maeng da" and it is only used as a sales tatic. At best maeng da means its high quality. 

As for the vein colors....Most all kratom plants are capable of producing a red vein to some degree with the youngest leaves having the reddest color that fades as the leaf ages. The "vein color" that youll see in the name when buying kratom powder is usually based on the color of the powder itself or how sedating vs. energetic the kratom is. The actual vein color dosnt predict the resulting powders effects, so a plant that produces primarily red veins(as they typically do) is not going to inherently provide a "red vein" powder.

In conclusion live kratom plants shouldnt be catagorized by vein color or have made up names unless its a unique clone.