Why do you not offer card payment options?

           Bounty botanicals offers some specimens that major credit card companies such as visa and MasterCard simply will not allow.                                                               

  Thank you for your understanding and support :)


                                  money order                                 

Money orders are easily obtained either through the service center of your local grocery store, the Post Office, or the bank.

- the amount for your Money order is you order total including shipping.

Please make the money order payable to Bounty botanicals and ENTER YOUR ORDER NUMBER in the "for/account" section of the money order.

mail to :
Bounty botanicals
PO BOX 6581
Peoria, AZ 85385

Once received, your order will be shipped out :)

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at



*If you are not sure how to get Bitcoin, "cash app" by square allows you to buy and use it with ease.  The apps bitcoin section can be found by clicking the bitcoin/stocks button immediately to the right of the cash button on the bottom of cash apps home page.

Heres how it works:

* put bitcoins in your account wallet with the "buy button"
* once you have bitcoins simply click send with the "airplane button" in the bitcoin section
* put in your order total(including shipping).
* send to this cashtag: $bountybotanicals
* put your order number in the notes section directly below the cashtag so I know who sent it.

                                                               - IF YOU ARE USING ANY OTHER SORCE OF BITCOIN please send an email to and ask for a bitcoin code to use( I usually respond within a day and usually within the hour)

 -Once you've sent the bitcoin over please email me immediately 
     *Your order will be scheduled to ship out once payment is received and acknowledged.
   * If you have any questions feel free to 


Please mail to:

Bounty botanicals 

PO BOX 6581

Peoria, AZ

*Please keep in mind that mail does occasionally get lost and unlike a money order(recommended) it cant be canceled.  Bounty botanicals holds no liability if your payment is lost. It's recommended that you get tracking to know where it is at!

*Please include your order number and e mail with your payment!

*Amount should be for order total plus shipping.
*If you have any questions feel free to contact us at