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live salvia divinorum plants

Buy live salvia divinorum plants       

Salvia divinorum goes by a few names. Diviners sage(sage of the diviners), sally d., salvia, seers sage or yerba de la pastora. It is now well know that when the leaves of the salvia plant are smoked, chewed, or drank as a tea a strong hallucinogenic effect can be achieved.

   Salvias native habitat is the cloud forest of Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca, Mexico where it grows on the humid shady forest floor below the tree canopy. Saliva divinorum can grow over three feet tall, but their hollow square stems tend to snap at such heights and take root where they make contact with the soil. This is a good thing seeing how salvia rarely reproduces through seed as they are not typically viable. This is why its difficult to find a vendor offering anything but salvia clones. So if you are woundering where to find salvia divinorum seeds and look into it you'll likely come across some shady vendors.  


When you buy a salvia divinorum plant online, starting with a healthy and hardy specimen can make all the difference!

In an attempt to maintain salvias preferred high humidity environment many growers will leave their plants in an enclosure that provides this humidity, but all too often these same enclosures lack enough fresh air to keep them strong and happy making them hard to keep alive and successfully adapt them to their new home.

At bounty botanicals we grow our salvia plants in both low humidity and open air making them strong and able to adapt to your specific growing environment with ease! These specimens are some of the healthiest and strongest live plants around!