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pre order salvia divinorum in grow plugs

Bounty botanicals

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   This listing is for pre order only and the orders will not ship out until the weather is mild enough to do so! winter preorders usually start shipping out in February and summer pre orders usually start shipping out in september. Please note that payment for pre orders is still due within the regular times after order is places(2 days for online payment methods and 10 days for mail in payment methods. once the weather is good you will be contacted by bounty botanicals and we will wait for confirmation before shipping. 

   These salvia clones are fully rooted in grow plugs which can be placed in either soil or hydroponic applications. 

  Commonly called the Wasson and Hoffman clone, but it should be known as the Bunnell clone after Sterling Bunnell, who is the real origional collector of this most wounderful specimen! The Bunnell clone is beleaved to be the first account of salvia divinorum grown in the U.S.. 







healthy plant arrival guarantee!: If any plants you order from bounty botanicals are in poor shape upon arrive you are protected by our healthy plant guarantee( for details please see the shipping and returns page)