Vietnam (bumblebee)

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   The Bumblebee clone is beleived to origionally be grown in the united states from seed that was brought back from Vietnam. Bumblebee kratrom displays a very predominantly green vein and wide rounded leaves that terminate into a point that actually resemble...well.. a bumblebee! The bumblebee clone is not only unusual for other kratom plants in appearence, but aslo chemotype as it possesses very little to no mitragynine. Instead it has increased amounts of other   kratom alkaloids yet to be determined.   

  Bumblebee is the most widly available kratom clone out there on the market today! Many(and I mean many) kratom plant vendors even market Bumblebee as other varieties! So watch out! Heres a few examples of how some vendors might trick you into thinking your getting another veriety. 

          1. Theyll use pictures of the newest developing leaves at the growing tips of the plant only. This is because new leaves can display some red on the veins and give you the perception that its a differant clone! 

          2. Theyll use a picture of a horned leaf. Bumblebee clones can produce horned leaves in certain growing conditions like hot weather, but the horns tend to be a bit stubby compaired to other speciosa that also grow horned leaves. So if it looks like a wide Bumblebee leaf with stubby horns thats probably what it is!


       Plants arrive in either a grow plug without soil which is ready for either soil or hydroponic mediums, or in a 2.5 inch pot...depending on your choice. 


    If you have any questions feel free to ask!! 


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    Strongly recommended

    Posted by Timothy Simmons on Apr 9th 2021

    Bounty botanicals help me start my collect over.... my plants were stolen that I’ve collected over the years being deployed to Asian. Fast service, fast shipping, healthy plants. All around great company !I ordered 1 of each and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made yet.

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    Posted by Alfonso on Sep 29th 2020

    Awesome Bumble Bee plants... I got a couple of Bumblebee Vietnamese plants and they are the best I have ever seen, absolutely perfect! Packing was also flawless. I am impressed. I see true mastery, care and love taken by BountyBotanicals in growing and delivering and I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality and the vitality of their live plants. Erik and Bountybotanicals are a rising star!

kratom plant  from Malaysia

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red vein kratom plant from Borneo

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