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Usually ships on the upcoming monday or tuesday after payment is received.
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Please be aware that live plant orders will not ship out during extreme weather conditions. Please see our plant shipping schedule located in the "shipping and returns" page for more details.

  Hailing form Borneo, this kratom plants phenotype displays lovely deep green foliage on the top of its leaves and a nice red blush on the underside! A really gorgeous specimen! Please note that the plant in the second picture has been grown under  LED lighting which enhances the red pigment in kratom causing the red blushing to be exaggerated. So, if you want that much red on the undersides of the leaf use an LED :). 

     Plants arrive in either a grow plug without soil which is ready for either soil or hydroponic mediums, or in a 2.5 inch pot...depending on your choice. 

      -The grow plug plants are a minimum of 4 inches and have very established roots bursting through.

      -The plants in the 2.5 inch pots are a minimum of 6 inches and have been transplanted into and grown in these pots for at least a week before they are sent out to you.  

      If you have any questions feel free to ask!!