Salvia divinorum growing tips: Diviners sage is native to the cloud forest of Sierra Mazateca which is humid and cool 

1. KEEP HUMIDITY HIGH-Salvia can and will adapt to lower humidity(I grow in 30% humidity)..... but they really love it! Staying at or above 80% is ideal and can be accomplished in lower humidity environments with a greenhouse(outdoors) or a growth chamber called a "shotgun terrarium" for indoor plants. A shotgun terrarium is typically used by mushroom cultivators for its humidity holding capabilities as well as allowing fresh air to circulate; but the best thing imo is its low maintenance! The chamber is simply a clear storage bin completely covered in small holes(get it? shotgun) and filled several inches with wet perlite. Tutorials for making a shotgun terrarium can be found with a quick google search.

2. KEEP TEMPS COOL- Picture a cloud forest....clouds(fog) all the time. If you've ever been in fog you know it tends to be cool. Temps in the 60s-70s f. are ideal. Higher temps are ok but be sure to keep it well watered! 

3.KEEP IT SHADY- Salvia grows on the forest floor and is shaded by the canopy. If growing indoors fluorescent lighting does great! 

4. GROW IN GOOD SOIL- choose a soil that is slightly acidic(most potting soils are) , high in composted matter, and well draining. I prefer a good potting soil with some added perlite. 

5. KEEP SOIL MOIST- water once the soil STARTS to dry out. Never let the soil dry out completely. so, water a little more frequently than most plants, but you also dont want to water all the time( give the soil time to breath :) 

6. FERTILIZE REGULARLY- use a mild vegging fertilizer at regular intervals following the labels instructions. Dont use at full strength. Start at 1/4th strength and go from there.