It's easier to grow a Kratom plant than one might think! Despite its particular growing environment, Kratom trees are very forgiving and fast growing!

      In nature the Kratom plant grows in humid and hot climates. Its always best to try and mimic the plants natural environment for optimal growth, although kratom will grow in a wide range of humidites and temperatures once adapted to its new climate. 

   ADAPTING YOUR NEW KRATOM PLANT- Its impotent to note that once you receive your kratom plant it needs to be adapted to their new home! They ve been in 100% humidity for several days and suddenly bringing your live kratom plants into lower humidity will dry out the leaves and cause stress. 

 To get the plant used to its new environment it needs to be placed in a container that holds humidity well.while you can use a humidity dome which is made for this sort of stuff, a bag will work just as well. If using a humidity Dome simply plant your kratom tree in a pot of soil, then water, and place your kratom plant in the humidity Dome. Adjust the notches on the top allowing more and more air to enter over the course of About a Week or until the humidity in the Doom is about the same as the surrounding humidity.   To use the bag simply plant your plant in a pot of soil, water, and place a bag over the top. You can secure the bag with either tape or rubber band. Over the course of About a Week puncture holes in the bag until the humidity in the bag is about the same as the surrounding air. At which point the bag can be removed. 


  HUMIDITY-  The Kratom tree loves humidity and do best in environments with a humidity of 70% or higher but will still grow well and even thrive in humidities down to at least 15%!!. Beyond adapting your plant to its new environment; working to keep the humidity high is probably more trouble than its worth. Im in Arizona where the humidity is around 15% and kratom still grows very well!

  To keep the humidity up indoors( i wouldn't bother personally) a humidifier can be used or...a shotgun terrarium!  Shotgun terrariums  are typically used by mushroom cultivators, but work just as well for kratom. Simply do a Google search for shotgun terrarium and you're bound to find multiple tutorials for creating one. Shotgun terrariums are great as they are very low maintenance! 

For raising outdoor humidity a greenhouse is best.

  TEMPERATURE- being from a tropical environment Kratom also loves it warm. Temperatures of 80 to 90 degrees seem to be ideal, but it will tolerate temperatures from the 30s to past a hundred degrees. A temperature of lower than 70 degrees will not necessarily harm your plants but growth will be very slow and the plant may drop its leaves if exposed to temperatures in the 40s for an extended length of time. If the leaves do drop, don't panic!  The plant has just gone dormant and will resume growing once the temperatures rise!  

  When growing indoors, temperature shouldnt be much of a problem as the artificial grow lights will warm up the area. If it tends to get chilly at night it's best to have the lights on during that time or alternatively a heater can be used. 

  Outdoors you want to protect your plant from colder temperatures with a greenhouse. Or simply move your plant inside during colder weather. 

LIGHTING-  The kratom tree likes plenty of light! For indoor plants kratom would perfer hid lighting but t5 fluorescent bulbs will do for smaller plants. 

 Outdoor plants should be placed in a location that gets plenty of sun. 

   SOIL- The Kratom plant likes soil that is very rich in nutrients to support its super fast growth! The soil should retain plenty of moisture but still drain well, contain lots of organic material as well as humus, and be slightly acidic with a pH around 6.5.

    It doesn't have to be fancy specialty soil, just a soil that retains plenty of moisture, is fertile, and is slightly acidic(most pre made soils are). 

   WATERING- Kratom plants like plenty of water and you should never allow the soil to dry out! The best practice for watering Kratom plants is to water very thoroughly once the top layer of soil starts to dry out. It's always best to water plants(most plants in general as well) thoroughly and infrequently as opposed to small amounts all of the time. This allows the plants roots and the microorganisms living in the soil to become oxygenated which is necessary for them to thrive. 

   It's important to use a water that is low in dissolved solids and won't cause your soil pH to rise. If the water where you live is not suitable for your Kratom plants, reverse osmosis water works great. 

   FERTILIZING- as your plants grow big they will benefit greatly from regular fertilization. your typical potting soil only feeds plants for around a month. at this point it is a good idea to start feeding your plants a fertilizer as long as they are actively growing. A general purpose fertilizer will do but one geared towards vegetative growth(higher in nitrogen) is ideal. Sometimes this fertilizer is labeled as an herb fertilizer as most herbs grow fast and leaf parts in particular are desired and used just like kratom. Fish fertilizers and kelp fertilizers are amazing for Kratom growth! 

 Don't over do it though! more does not always equal better! A common train of thought is "hey if I give it more fertilizer it'll grow faster and bigger!" because plants need fertilizer to grow so some folks think of it as a main source of fuel or food but in reality the fertilizers are merely used to assimilate the food and regulate processes within the plant. where all plants get there bulk Mass from is carbon which they pull from the air! that's right most of what makes up a plant is carbon and it's from out of the air!  Not from the soil, not from the water, not from the nutrients, but from the carbon in the air! AMAZING RIGHT! Giving your plant an overdose of fertilizer will give you nothing but burnt plants and heartache! 


   So, just remember WARM TEMPS,HIGH HUMIDITY(at least in the beginning), WATER, AND FERTILIZE! 



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